Frequently Asked Questions

A floor coating is a strong 2-component paint based on epoxy. It is often used in industry, such as warehouses, garages and factories. The coating is wear-resistant, resistant to moisture, chemicals, dirt and dust. This keeps your floor beautiful for years and cleaning is a lot easier.

You can also apply the coating in your home. With an extra layer of PU Strong topcoat, it has the same appearance as a cast floor.

Note: if your surface contains irregularities, you will see this reflected in the end result. Do you not have a straight surface, but a tiled or wooden floor? Then it must be properly prepared before you apply a floor coating.

Floor coating

Our floor coatings consist of epoxy. This material is hard, stiff and inflexible. It is also wear-resistant, inexpensive and therefore suitable for large surfaces such as warehouses. The thicker the epoxy or the more layers, the stronger the floor is and the more you can load it (both mechanically and chemically).

Polyurethane cast floor

In contrast to a floor coating, a PU cast floor is flexible. In addition, it looks more luxurious, runs comfortably and is more expensive. A PU cast floor is therefore more suitable for a room in the house, such as a living room or kitchen. It also takes on its ambient heat and you can (effectively) combine it with underfloor heating.

Due to the flexible nature of PU, you cannot overload it with pallet trucks or forklifts.

Floor coating consists of epoxy. This is a plastic that changes from a liquid to a solid through a chemical reaction. Epoxy is twice as strong as concrete and therefore very suitable as a substrate.

Hell yes! A cast floor is even ideal for combining with underfloor heating. The advantage is that a cast floor takes over the heat very quickly and you always have warm feet!
The maximum water temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.

During application, the underfloor heating must be switched off for 14 days after application. The floor can then be slowly brought to the desired temperature in steps of 5 degrees Celsius.

Because the cast floor is seamless, it is easy to maintain. It is best to clean the floor with a soft broom, vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth.

We have various cast floors in our range. You can choose a PU cast floor, an epoxy cast floor, residential concrete or a trowel floor.

A cast floor lasts about 15 to 20 years, if you maintain it well.

It is no coincidence that a PU cast floor is popular. This industrial, stylish floor not only looks beautiful, but also has many practical advantages.

PU cast floor is durable

Do you want a floor that will remain beautiful for years? A PU cast floor is durable and therefore a smart choice. You will enjoy it for a long time!


A PU cast floor does not attract dust or dirt and is completely seamless. This means there are no holes or cracks in which dust can accumulate. This makes the floor very hygienic. In addition, this cast floor is water-repellent and suitable for allergy sufferers or for families with children.

Easy to clean

Because a PU cast floor repels dust and dirt, it is also easy to clean. Do you want to clean the floor? Then do this with warm water and a mop and do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Did you know that you can even remove red wine or coffee stains from a PU cast floor? Just be sure to clean the floor as soon as possible if you spill it.


A PU cast floor looks tough and sleek, but it actually has a soft character! This floor is slightly elastic, so you can walk on it comfortably. In addition, the floor takes over the ambient heat, so that it does not feel cold.

Suitable for underfloor heating

Do you always want to have warm feet? Then combine a PU cast floor with underfloor heating. Because the floor retains the heat, you also save on heating costs.

Sound dampening

Because a PU cast floor is slightly elastic, it is also sound-absorbing. It is therefore good for the acoustics of your house. Especially when you compare it with a wooden floor or a stone floor.

The main difference between epoxy and polyurethane is in the hardness. Epoxy floors are very hard and therefore very suitable for use in industrial areas. Polyurethane cast floors are very suitable for private use, as they are softer than epoxy floors and also elastic. These properties make PU cast floors more resistant to scratches and provide more walking and living comfort.

Thanks to our manuals, clear instructional videos and expert advice, anyone who is a bit handy can apply a cast floor or floor coating themselves. If you already have some experience with using a flat trowel or comb, it will be easier for you.

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